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Sweet Fire Baked Chicken and Vegetables.

Sweet Fire Chicken and Vegetables It’s high time for a zesty chicken recipe! I admit that I am quite obsessed with the flavors of Mexican chorizo sausage, which I have featured in recipes here, here, and here, but I want to reassure you that I do eat chicken, too. In fact, roasted chicken drumsticks and thighs are my easy go-to meal when I need to quickly feed a household of boys (husband

Loco Fried Rice with Mexican Chorizo Sausage

Things have been a little loco around here lately with the kids out for summer, our move into a new home, and a fun-filled family vacation in the Florida Keys. So I was thinking, why not add a little something different to my dinner menu to go with all this crazy? Introducing, ¡Loco! Fried Rice! ¡Loco! Fried Rice has all of the delicious ingredients of traditional Chinese vegetable fried rice,

Fabulous El Dorado Enchiladas

Edgar Allan Poe‘s gallant knight may not have ever found his elusive land of Eldorado, but I’ve got something better for the poor old chap– Eldorado on a plate! That’s right, these El Dorado Enchiladas are the edible city of gold. A plateful will have you, and that very determined knight, singing gaily once again. If you actually clicked on the links above, then you may very well be a

Pork maple sausage deconstructed egg roll.

Eat that delicious egg roll and keep it low carb with a healthy Maple Pork Egg Roll Bowl. We’re going to ditch the wrapper and go straight for the egg roll filling, which is where all the flavor is anyway! Perfect for the Keto Diet, this egg roll bowl is LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) and full of fiber, so you will satisfy your craving for Chinese food at home in just 20 minutes–and without the

Easy Cauliflower Rice with Meatballs

Three reasons why Easy Roasted Cauliflower Rice with Meatballs in Marinara should be on your meal plan next week: Super tasty. Two-minute prep time. Low-carb and keto-friendly.   Do this and you’ll thank me later: Purchase the three main ingredients in advance (You’ll most likely have the spices and oil on hand in your pantry). Then, on your busiest or most stressful night of the week, remember this very easy recipe

Traditional Mexican Tostadas with Refried Beans

My husband is finally happy again, thanks to these delicious Traditional Mexican Tostadas (and a tiny bit of effort on my part). It’s been a weird week with my husband being flat on his back for five days with the flu. Poor thing. You’d think I would have some sympathy, but there is only one minor problem: I wasn’t born with the sympathy gene! Take a look at these Traditional Mexican Tostadas.

Smashburger Sliders with Cowboy Dust and Slider Sauce

“Elevate your boring burgers, please,” thought your loved one last night. Still serving up those traditional burgers with American cheese? Still buying the cheapest white bread buns you can find at Walmart? I think it’s time to throw the ol’ gourmet burger changeup. (Your loved one agrees.) If you serve these Smashburger Sliders at dinner tonight, I promise you that your closest peeps will be thinking happy thoughts about you for the rest of