About Cherry

A simple food blog with lots of pics and tips to help you make quick, craveable recipes.


If it’s easy as pie for me, it’ll be a piece of cake for you!




Hi, I’m Rachel! A.k.a. Cherry. I like to think that my fiery red-headed attitude is nothing more than a hint of spice (give or take a tablespoon or two depending on who you are and the state of my blood sugar).


A little spice keeps life interesting! So I’ve created Cherry and Spice. 


As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Cliché? Absolutely. But so true. The recipes I post for you will include much variety ranging from healthy entrées and nutritious side dishes to party appetizers and decadent desserts.


Whatever I’m eating, I’m blogging. So join me in spicing up our daily cooking routines, and together we’ll turn dinnertime into winnertime with fresh food ideas for your table.


Of course I do!


If you’re looking to whip up a little excitement in the kitchen, these recipes are guaranteed to bring out the Zest in you!


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I look forward to meeting you!




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