September 2017

Sweet Fire Baked Chicken and Vegetables.

Sweet Fire Chicken and Vegetables It’s high time for a zesty chicken recipe! I admit that I am quite obsessed with the flavors of Mexican chorizo sausage, which I have featured in recipes┬áhere,┬áhere, and here, but I want to reassure you that I do eat chicken, too. In fact, roasted chicken drumsticks and thighs are my easy go-to meal when I need to quickly feed a household of boys (husband

Triple chocolate ice cream cake with dark chocolate ice cream, Oreo crumble, and a brownie crust!

This recipe is a deliciously dark chocolate Brownie Crunch Ice Cream Cake that takes me back to my childhood. Back in the day, my mom would stop by our small town Dairy Queen to pick up an ice cream cake for a special occasion. She would serve it up to her (adorable) children, and then we would celebrate! Dairy Queen filled their ice cream cake with some sort of crunchy